Replica Fendi’s Karlito Bad Boy Monster

A mini Karl Lagerfeld called Bag Boy Karlito or simply ‘Karlito’was introduced during the Fendi runway show during Milan Fashion Week. Like Lagerfeld, Bag Boy Karlito has signature white little ponytail, large black sunglasses, large white collar and the black tie. During the show Karlito was introduced confidently strutting alongside British model Cara Delevingne in a furry helmet, carrying Karlito like a lantern in her fingertipsou .

I’m glad to tell you that we have the replica Fendi’s Karlito Bad Boy Monsters now,sale $176 at

see the pictures below

Photo_20140916203555DRZR Photo_20140916203558ZJNQ Photo_20140916203601W7XO Photo_20140916203604USPM Photo_201409162035464NGD Photo_201409162036124NSG

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Replica Louis Vuitton Cabas MM Cotton M94501 sale $189 review

‘Articles de Voyage Paris, Louis Vuitton Malletier 101, Champs-Elysees’, this text was marked on the newest Louis Vuitton Canvas Bag from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. It’s a useful beach bag, an effortless summer tote and a timeless piece of accessory.

Inspired by Rio de Janeiro, a famous city in Brazil, Louis Vuitton decided to re-design the Cabas Tote that we’ve fallen in love to. They replaced the text with ‘Articles de Voyage, Rio de Janeiro, Louis Vuitton Barra Da Tijuca’, a limited edition tote summer tote bag that will be gone forever when this season ends.

Louis Vuitton Barra Da Tijuca is the name of the boutique, located in the ‘shopping Village Mall Avenue of the Americas’, in Rio. And there is always room in our wardrobe for anything that’s beautiful and in limited edition.

Basically this tote is quite similar to the original version – with epi leather trimmings, contrasted edge dyeing, then finished with palladium metallic pieces. The shape can be altered to your need and comfort, just by pressing on the two buttons on each side.

There are rules to follow when carrying this tote, do wear slippers in a mix of colors between green and yellow, stamped with the name ‘Brazil’ on it. Put a white summer dress on with floral cuttings.

Measuring 56 x 32 x 20 cm, priced at R$189

Also available in ‘Louis Vuitton Ipanema’, at ebbaag e-store.

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Chanel Duo Color Clutch Bag review

It’s true what they say, I am here to confirm; ‘Chanel bags never end’. They are like fairytale stories with the ending, they are like drama series but without the final chapter. And a few personal words for the bag addicted (no cure, we guarantee), as long as you keep loading that gun, you will always have enough bullets to spree – it’s the only way to feed our obsessions.

Now too long ago, we did a full review on the Chanel Duo Color Flap Bag. This bag, which is cheaper than the classic flap bag, was set available for the Fall 2014 Collection. It’s quite similar to the ‘easy flap bag’ or the ‘CC Crave’, if you can remember that too!

But anyways, Chanel also made a Duo Color Clutch Bag, which is also available in store right now.  It’s features a CC logo on the top, quilted and it comes with a long shoulder strap. Basically it’s the same design like the Chanel Coco Pleats Clutch Bag. If you need a Chanel to go from day to night, this is what I would pick. (and if your wardrobe is stocked with endless flap bags).

Okay, let us now drown you with plenty of details:

This bag is named ‘Duo Color’ because it has bicolored leather featured in the interior lining and the interior of the strap.

Style code: Unknown (Sorry!) Color: Black with black ruthenium hardware or dark red with aged ruthenium hardware. Size: 6.6’ x 12’ x 7’ inches Price: $230 USD

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Louis vuitton mini capucines bb Lavander review

Hi dear

i ordered the Mini capucines BB in lavander again from e8handbag last week.

Shippment was as fast as usual.It reached my hand in 7 days after they sent.

The leather is very soft. It is the original quality version.

The shape is the same as the authentic.

There is no chemical smell.

Overall,i am quite like the quality of it.

Thank you for posting out my review.

A picture is worth more than thousands words, I mean…Let share it:

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Replica Chanel Shearling Pearl Flap Bag and shoes review


Pearls and Chanel fit together like chocolate cake with whipped cream, or ice cream cone with sprinkles, or Laduree and Paris. And pearls, like diamonds, are forever. At an appropriate event, you can top a pearl necklace easily with dresses in any color you like, as long as you finish it with a pair of pumps.

I am curious person, so I want to know the history about pearls and women, how did the story all started or is it just a myth? Here’s what I’ve found:

In the Victorian Era, it was a tradition to give a young woman a pearl necklace, when she is around the age of 18 and put het hair up for the first time. The idea was that real jewelries were not suitable for young and unmarried woman, but pearls certainly were.

Chanel presented the ‘Shearling Pearl Flap Bag’ in the Fall Winter 2014 Pre-Collection, it’s the bag to-go for the upcoming season, as it can keep you cozy and warm while keeping you glamorous. I love how the white blends together with the shiny pearls and how its finished with a golden CC signature.

This bag is also available in black, which makes me think of the ‘stars hanging on a lovely night’. The black version is refined with a silver hardware.

The Chanel Shearling Pearl Flap Bag matches like twin-sisters to the Chanel Pearl High Boots. These boots are made from suede calfskin and embellished with pearls, the heels are 35 mm.

Here are more details:

Chanel Shearling Pearl Flap Bag Style code: A90466 Size: 6.7′ x 9.8′ x 3.9′ inches Price: $428 USD

Chanel Pearl High Boots Style code: G30099

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Givenchy Wrinkled Leather Nightingale Bag – Original Quality Review

Hi Guys,

This bag arrived today and it is GORGEOUS.

I’ve seen the reviews and thought it looked great but to touch and smell the luxurious leather and see the exquisite workmanship in this bag is MIND BLOWNG!!!

Huge thank you to ebbaag Team of their hard-working and patience.

The detailing, leather, resin finish, smooth running zippers, colour, stitching and I can go and on… is just AMAZING.

As you can see, I’m very happy with this bag.

Guess what I’ve learnt over years of rep buying (slow learner) is that you get what you pay for in the rep world and what may seem like a bargain
at the time really isn’t. If you want a true to the auth, quality bag then there’s a price tag that comes with it.

The bag was $320(can’t remember exactly how much) and shipping was prompt and packaging was excellent.

Let the photos speak it :

Photo_20140720214709NUN5 Photo_20140720214712FAIG Photo_201407202147038NVU Photo_201407202147071OJI Photo_20140720214610945GIf U need anyhelp Please contact me via

Chanel Boy WOC Bag review

Introducing information on the Chanel Boy WOC (Wallet on a Chain) Bag. This bag features the classic WOC stylings and comes in a compact cross-body wallet form with distinct boy bag qualities. It is available in luxurious lambskin with a CC nameplate on ruthenium hardware, quilted front flap, and classic CC chain.

The interior is much like the WOC with six interior credit card inserts, and small zippy under the flap. If you’re looking for the perfect alternative to the traditional WOC then this is a great option. Contact you ebbaag online store today to check upcoming stock!

Chanel Boy WOC Bag $185(USD) 7” x 4.75” x 1.5”

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Chanel Medium Boy Chevron Flap Bag with Herringbone Stitching

The new Chanel Boy Chevron Bags in Herringbone Stitching are bolder, they are guaranteed made to flaunt, effortlessly. Crafted from durable Calfskin and available in three sizes, including in tote version

Chanel Medium Boy Chevron Flap Bag with Herringbone Stitching in Gray
Style code: A92493
Size: 5.7′ x 10′ x 3.5′ inches
Price: $4,500 USD but ebbaag sale $338

Photo_20140828172617P3XK Photo_20140828172642UUT2

Chanel Boy Chevron Shopping Tote with Herringbone Stitching in Black
Style code: A92496
Size: 9.8′ x 14.2′ x 6.3′ inches
Price: $4,500 USD but ebbaag sale $388

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The Guide to Luxury Bag Charms for Fall from Fendi, Louis Vuitton and More!


Introducing a selection of bag charms to adorn your?handbag for the Fall 2014 season. Bag charms are versatile as they can also double as a key ring depending on the charm’s hook. ?Charms are also inter-changeable and can be multiplied depending on the piece since charms can be hooked onto any purse,?SLG or to each other (ie. two monsters together). ?More and more designers have extended their?line of bag charms to give owner’s?a more personalized look to their coveted handbags. ?However, there are also plenty of adorable charms?in various iconic?designs that were created years ago only available through vintage store retailers.

Here’s a summary of examples from some of the top luxury designers including: Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior and Chanel.

Fendi Bug Charms
Fendi’s Fur buggies was introduced last year and has been one of the biggest trends.The buggies comes in different designs, like Strangee, a multicolor fur with Swarovski crystal eyes and leather cord, and Lucy Junior, a fox fur charm with leather face and inlaid eyes. Fendi also offers simple charms in different colors, made of fox fur with a tonal leather cord. Recently, the brand has introduced Karlito, a fox and goat fur inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, which appeared on the runway carried by Cara Delevingne. ?The full line of charms is available at Bergdorf Goodman and Luisaviaroma.

Louis Vuitton Bag Charms
Louis Vuitton has created bag charms that can also double as key rings for years now. The brand’s bag charms comes in different materials like leather, fox fur and silver/gold metallic pieces. Louis Vuitton has created charms for their iconic bags like Speedy, Alma ans Noe. The brand also has the Fleur De Monogram Bag Charm which is a classic Monogram design featuring the Monogram flowers and LV logo. ?The items can be purchased directly online or in-store at Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Pompon Bag CharmLouis Vuitton Fleur De Monogram Bag CharmLouis Vuitton Iconic Speedy Bag Charm ChainLouis Vuitton Iconic Alma Bag CharmLouis Vuitton Iconic Noe Bag CharmLouis Vuitton Illustre Trunk Key Holder/Bag CharmLouis Vuitton Fleur De Monogram Bag Charm Chain

Hermes Bag Charms
Aside from Hermes scarves, bag charms are also used to decorate Hermes Bags. Hermes has created Petit H Charms from leather and created bag charms featuring horses,?fruits, insects and many more. There are also other bag bracelets, which are made of gold hardware that feature small charm iconic logos. ?Availability of the bag charms is limited online, but you can check directly in-store for information.

Dior Bag Charms
Dior’s most famous bag charm is the DIOR letters that can also be seen on some of the brand’s iconic handbags like the Lady Dior. Dior has also released a Lady Dior bag charm in Black and Red. For more information, check with the Dior store directly on the availability of their current line of Dior bag charms.

Chanel Bag Charms
Chanel’s bag charms includes a Coco Chanel in silver hardware holding a pearl and the iconic Chanel jacket. Check with?Chanel boutiques for availability of bag charms or check out Spotted Mall?some vintage selections of bag charms for Chanel.

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Nordstrom Fall 2014 Catalog Features Must Have Bags and Accessories

NORDSTROM - Shop Fall Denim

Perusing the recent issue of the Norstrom Fall / Winter 2014 catalog featured a number of the new runway bags and accessories that are going to be coveted this season. ?This includes the Chanel Velvet flap bag available for Act 2, the Balenciaga wire shopping tote bags, the new Proenza Schouler PS Hobo bag and Celine Tie tote bag in Chartreuse. ?Another notable piece is the bright yellow fur muff that appeared during?the Celine Fall / Winter 2014 runway show. Prices are listed below each item. ?For more of Nordstrom’s edit, the full catalog with Ready to Wear essentials is also available.

Balenciaga Patent Wire Shopper Tote Bag - Fall 2014?Balenciaga Cable Wire Shopper Tote Bag – $2,055 USD

Celine Yellow Muff Fur Scarf - Fall Winter 2014?Celine Fur Muff in Yellow – $1,150 USD

Celine Yellow Small Tie Tote Bag - Fall Winter 2014?Celine Tie Tote Small bag in Chartreuse – $3,450 USD

Chanel Velvet Pink Timeless Classic Flap Bag - Fall 2014?Chanel Velvet Pink Timeless Classic M/L Flap Bag (Act 2) – $3,700 USD

Fendi Green Calfskin By the Way Bag - Fall 2014

Fendi By the Way Large Bag in Forest Green with Croc Tail – $2,500 USD?Givenchy Pure Tote Satchel Bag - Fall 2014?Givenchy Black Pandora Pure Satchel bag in Pebbled Leather – $2,390 USD

Marc Jacobs Pink Incognito Bag - Fall 2014?Marc Jacobs Pink Incognito Medium Tote Bag – $2,300 USD

Proenza Schouler Blue Shearling PS Hobo Bag - Fall 2014

Proenza Schouler Blue Shearling ‘PS’ Hobo Bag – $2,375 USD

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