Chanel Boy Bags from the Fall / Winter 2014 Act 1 Collection


Introducing the upcoming Chanel Boy Bags for Fall / Winter 2014 Act 1 Collection. Some of these Boy bags have already been spotted in a few stores in Paris so it won’t take long before they all start to hit the stores. ?The notable styles for this season include the Herringbone stitch chevron print, which first appeared in Classic bags and will be made available in the Boy style. ?The second is the suede quilted boy bags featuring a large stitching. ?The colors include oxblood, dark navy, beige and greys.

Fall / Winter Act 1 Bags

For information on the Pre-fall 2014 (Paris Dallas) Boy Bags Check Here

Chanel Herringbone Chevron Boy Bag in MediumChanel Herringbone Chevron Boy Bag in LargeChanel Herringbone Chevron Tote BagChanel Velvet Boy Bag in MediumChanel Tweed and Metallic Boy Bag in MediumChanel Grained Calfskin Gold Hardware Boy Bag in MediumChanel Natural Python and Patent Leather Boy Bag in Mini

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Chanel Suede Boy Bags with Large Stitching
Chanel Red Suede with Large Stiching Boy Bag - Fall 2014

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Chanel 3 Bag 2014 Small Medium Large Size

Now for the extensive details (prices as per April 2014):

Chanel 3 Bag 2014 Small Size Style code: A94048 Price:$ 332

Chanel 3 Bag 2014 Medium Size Style code: A94049 Price: $ 332

Chanel 3 Bag 2014 Large Size Style code: A94050 Price:$ 332

Colors available: Black, Green, Grey, White, Blue, turquoise and Orange

Photo_20140901092436U2YO Photo_20140901092456MZAO

This Chanel 3 Bag is from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection and may not be available anymore in the next season.

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Chanel Coco Cocoon Backpack Reference Guide

Introducing the Chanel Coco Cocoon Backpack. This new backpack is part of Chanel’s Fall 2014 Collection Act 1. The Coco Cocoon line was first introduced in 2009 featuring a puffy leather and a sporty design. Chanel returns this collection for Fall 2014 which features new bag designs, including the backpack, tote and a fanny pack. The Coco Cocoon Backpack is made of nylon and Calfskin leather. The front of the bag features the Chanel’s signature quilted stitching.

It has a burgundy interior with a zipped compartment. The straps are adjustable which includes the CC logo in a push tab. This backpack is lightweight and comfortable which is perfect to use everyday or when traveling. Available in Grey, Black and a Navy Blue Bicolor.

Chanel Black Coco Cocoon Backpack 1
Chanel Black Coco Cocoon Backpack 2
Chanel Black Coco Cocoon Backpack 3
Chanel Grey Coco Cocoon Backpack 1
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Milan and Paris Fashion Week Schedule for Spring 2015 starts Sept 17

Fashion Week is about to happen next month. Milan Fashion Week is scheduled on September 17 – 22, 2014. The event will be held in Milan, Italy which is organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Paris Fashion Week starts on September 23 – October 1, 2014 will happen in Paris, France. The event is organized by Mode a Paris.

Check out the schedules of the top luxury designers for Milan and Paris Fashion Week:

Milan Fashion Week

Please visit the official site of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana for complete list of schedule.

Chanel Spring 2014 Runway

September 24, 2014 (Wednesday)

Please visit the official site of Mode a Paris for complete list of schedule.

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Speedy 30 Damier Azur Replica

The classic LV Speedy 30 Damier Azur has always been one of my favorite bags. Many celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Lo Bosworth and Jessica Simpson are huge fans of this very fabulous handbag. It is a very beautiful design, very practical and very easy to match with your everyday outfit. This is why I have always wanted to buy one just that the original one was out of my reach. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended a replica company from where she bought many great imitation bags. This gave me courage to purchase a LV Speedy 30 Damier Azur of my own.

The replica handbag purchased from turned out to be an excellent copy of the original Speedy 30. It looks and feels very authentic. At the outside it has the well-known Damier Azur coated canvas with the “Louis Vuitton Paris” marking embossed on specific squares, just like the original bag. The two rounded leather handles are made from very good quality leather which feels very resistant and durable.? The bag also comes with a padlock for extra security. At the inside it has the classic beige canvas lining which carries the heat embossed “Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France” authenticity mark. It also has the product series code tag. Everything about the design of this bag looks incredibly genuine.

Speedy Azur Replica

?The hardware is also made from the finest metals and every metallic part of this bag has been stamped with Louis Vuitton authenticity markings, exactly like the real Speedy 30 Damier Azur purse. ?The first thing I have noticed was the LV engraved polished brass trimmings which are flawlessly made.? Another very nice reproduction of the genuine hardware is the zipper closure with the Louis Vuitton engraved polished brass padlock. This is indistinguishable to the authentic one. The thing about this replica is that it even came with all the paperwork you would expect to get when buying the real product: a Louis Vuitton care booklet, authenticity card, LV receipt, Louis Vuitton tag and the Louis Vuitton dust bag.

I must say that it surely is a very well made replica. It is of a remarkably superior quality and the materials used to make this purse are identical to the ones used on the real purse. Also, it carries all the authenticity markings and it comes with authenticity paperwork and tags. The only flaw I have noticed to its design was a small defect on the natural cowhide leather trimmings. It is a very small imperfection that you can barely notice and considering the overall excellent quality of the bag I have accepted this mistake.

The LV Speedy 30 Damier Azur is a very popular city bag, perfect for a modern city girl who simply loves fashion and beautiful designer handbags. You can wear it almost every day at the office, at events or even when going out with the girls. I am very happy with the replica I have bought from and I recommend this company to anyone who wants to purchase a high quality replica LV Speedy 30.If U need anyhelp Please contact me via

How to Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Speedy

As incredible as it may sound, spotting a fake Luis Vuitton bag is not an easy task. Nowadays, replica manufacturers have perfected their designs so well that it is almost impossible to differentiate a well-made fake from the original product. Still, there are some guidelines that one should follow when trying to assess the authenticity of an LV Speedy.

The most important thing is to know its parts. What type of lining should it have? Should it have feet or not? How should the base be? Is it a model with a d-ring inside? Where the d-ring should be positioned? What codes and markings should it have? Where? All these details matter and it will help you determine if the bag is original or not. So check out the Louis Vuitton website and gather all this information about the model you are interested in, also search the web for any relevant piece of information you may find about it and start comparing. Additionally, I will present below a series of general guidelines you will need to know about the Luis Vuitton Speedy.

I will start with the particularities of its lining. The insides of a Monogram Speedy bag are always a little bit tricky and here’s why. The original bag has a brown cotton canvas, but on replicas you will find many variations for this very simple and common brown cotton canvas lining. Do not be fooled by a brown suede lining. LV has never used this type of lining on its Speedy Monogram models, not even on the vintage ones. There is indeed a fabric called Alcantara that resembles a lot to suede, but it isn’t actually suede and its specific color is a grey mushroom color. It isn’t available in dark brown.? A Monogram Speedy must have a brown cotton canvas lining regardless of its manufacturing year. Any other kind of lining means it isn’t real.

LV Speedy 13

Even the stitching is important. Louis Vuitton is very careful about this very small detail. An original bag will have even and regular stitching. Similar locations on a bag should have an identical stitching pattern. For example, on a Speedy the leather tab where the handles attach onto the bag should have 5 identical and even stitches.

LV Speedy 3

The font used to write LOUIS VUITTON PARIS and the codes on the leather patches or tags is a very specific font. The use of a different looking one shows that the item is a fake. Original LV products have a very round “O”; the two letters “T” don’t touch in the word “VUITTON”; and the “N”, “A” and “V” are quite pointy. Regardless, where these words are stamped, these need to look clean and clear without any smudges or surfaces that have a lower legibility.

Literally, Louis Vuitton has put his name on every important part of its bags and the hardware is no exception. Any metal clasps, buttons, zippers, plates or locks will have a number or the Louis Vuitton name printed on it. Original bags use brass or gold metal, but low quality replicas have these parts made out of plastic with a layer of gold paint over it.

LV Speedy 12

LV Speedy 8

If your bag says made in USA, Spain, Germany or Italy, this doesn’t mean that it’s a replica. Indeed, the origins of Louis Vuitton are in France, but for over 25 years it has also been manufacturing products in USA, Spain, Germany and Italy.

And last, but not least Louis Vuitton Speedy bags are very expensive products and everything about it needs to feel of very good quality. No part of such a purse is allowed to feel cheap or to be made from a plastic material. It must be made from high quality fabrics and to feel nice and refined. Consider all the above when you are assessing the authenticity of a bag or even when you are looking to buy a good quality replica Speedy and you simply can’t go wrong.If U need anyhelp Please contact me via Review: SO Happy With My Replica Hermes So Kelly Bag!

20140828115747The first thing I want to tell you is that the Replica Hermes So Kelly Bag in this review in not mine. I just borrowed the subject of my friend’s email; I like it a lot! And since I haven’t received so many great replica Hermes handbag reviews lately, I was more than happy to show you this great piece.  Review

To be honest, this is actually the first Hermes So Kelly replica review on this site and that’s because it’s really hard to find a good model like this. Luckily, my friend decided to buy a replica Hermes So Kelly from Ebbaag and she loves it – for a good reason!

Even though my friend’s review is short, the photos tell the entire story! Without further introduction, this is what she said:

“Hello emma,

I hope this email finds you well I wanted to share with you my buying experience with Let me first start off by saying when you’re dealing with Ebbaag, the buying process couldn’t be more smooth and conducive so leave all apprehensions at the door. I went for the Hermes SO Kelly bag I’ve seen a couple of them before (authentic) and knew exactly what to look for when trying to spot flaws. I did a lot of research and I must say that Ebbaag got it RIGHT!

Replica Hermes So Kelly Front View And Handle Replica Hermes So Kelly Front View And HandleReplica Hermes So Kelly Front View Replica Hermes So Kelly Front ViewReplica Hermes So Kelly Back View Replica Hermes So Kelly Back ViewReplica Hermes So Kelly Lock Replica Hermes So Kelly LockReplica Hermes So Kelly Serial Code Replica Hermes So Kelly Serial CodeReplica Hermes So Kelly Stamp Replica Hermes So Kelly StampReplica Hermes So Kelly Inside View Replica Hermes So Kelly Inside View

I can’t thank you enough emma”

I’m happy I can help! And I hope that not only this Hermes review but all others, can help you make the right decision and buy the best replica Hermes bags.

I love this replica Hermes So Kelly handbag, it’s really lovely! And like I always say, if you’re not sure about a color, the best option is to go for something simple, classic. All the details and the engravings of this purse are great and you can clearly see that it’s made of quality leather. As for the site, you already know that is one of my favorite sites! Indeed, this is a match made in heaven!

What do you think, girls? Can this Hermes So Kelly be your everyday bag?If U need anyhelp Please contact me via

How to Spot Fake FENDI All In Tote

At the moment, Fendi is one of the most popular bags manufacturer and naturally also one of the most replicated brands on the market.? Let’s face it! Nowadays there are so many fakes out there and so well made that it has become incredibly difficult to distinguish a real Fendi bag from a good replica. The differences between an imitation and the genuine product are very subtle. Still, there are some few basic things you should pay attention to when trying to evaluate the authenticity of a purse. Things like the quality of the leather, the style and craftsmanship of the hardware, the logos, tags and other authenticity markings; these are the important details that you should study very closely. So if you have bought a bag and want to determine if it is fake or genuine, or even if you are thinking of buying a replica and want to choose an authentic looking one then you should keep in mind the following tips.

Fendi All in Tote 3

As expected, the first sign of a fake bag is the inferior quality leather. A Fendi Tote leather is manufactured from high end quality leather. This top quality leather is so firm that the bag stands up on its own without bending, not even a little bit.? Another important aspect is the smell of the materials used for the bag. Superior quality leather such as the one of authentic Fendi bags have that clean and specific leather smell. While on the other hand, on replica Fendi bags even if these are made from real leather, the quality and the smell will surely not be the same. Imitation purses smell like chemicals. The smell is very persistent and hard to stand. The manufacturers use many chemicals trying to imitate the shine and appearance of good quality leather, and this is what causes that awful smell.

Another very visible detail is the quality of the hardware. Real Fendi bags use only the finest metals and the craftsmanship is flawless. Take a look at the whole hardware of a bag and see if every single piece is made exactly in the same shine and color. Also, all luxury handbags manufacturers apply a very thin layer of protective plastic over the hardware to preserve its shinny surface. This plastic is meant to be removed only after the product is purchased by a customer. If you have bought a bag and it does not have the protective plastic over the hardware then this probably means it is just a Fendi replica.

Fendi All in Tote 2

A very subtle and very hard to spot difference is the stitching of the purse. This should match the main coloring of the product. Also, the stitches should be perfectly even and symmetric. Fendi bags do not have any stitching imperfections such as loose threads or small crooked threads.

Fendi All in Tote 4

All the logos, Fendi name and any other text applied on a Fendi bag should be engraved on the hardware or heat embossed on the leather. On most replica purses the authenticity markings will be simply printed on the surfaces, but this is not acceptable when you are looking for an authentic looking bag. It is a clear sign that the product is a fake.

The inside does matter, particularly when we are talking about a luxury bag so do not forget to look inside of the purse. Original Fendi models use linings made out of very good quality satin. This type of very good quality satin has a beautiful perfect shine. Also, the lining is supposed to be stitched on. If you look inside a replica Fendi bag you will see that the lining isn’t stitched on. It is glued into the bag.

Fendi All in Tote 1

At the inside of a Fendi bag you will also find the very well-known authenticity tags. There are a couple of particularities of these tags. Firstly, the Fendi hologram sticker should not be glued on and should never fall off. If you find a purse with such a low quality applied sticker then this purse is a fake. Secondly, the serial numbers from the tags are sewn and not printed.

Another important thing is the price of the purse. The price should be a clear warning regarding the questionable origins of the bag. Original Fendi purses cost about $500 to $3000 depending on the model and materials used. You cannot expect to buy such a luxury product for a couple hundred dollars or less. It is not remotely possible. If someone offers you a bag at this price then it is surely a fake Fendi.

Essential when you are looking to buy a bag and you do not want to end up with a very fake looking Fendi in your closet is to do a little research. Compare the pictures and information from the original Fendi website with the ones of the product you intend to purchase. Also, all Fendi purses are being sold with an authenticity card and this must match the serial number located at the inside of the bag. Simply follow these easy directions and I am confident that it will help you make an informed purchasing decision when planning to buy your next fabulous Fendi purse or even your first designer handbag.If U need anyhelp Please contact me via

What are the vogue elements of a replica bag that turn it into an absolute fashion sensation? Is it its superior quality, low prices or exact design? Find out what today’s prevailing luxury purses look like and how to get yours now! is a pretty simple looking website. It has a plain white and black design that is really gentle on your visual perception and the touch of originality is represented by the large sliding banners that show a quite nice selection of luxury designer purse ads. Also, on the right side of the page there are two promotional banners directing us to the Chanel and Hermes collection, just as on the bottom there are the sponsored products. The whole page is very nicely constructed, well organized and focused on promoting its beautiful replica bags.

The main menu is quite simple and shows a very generous number of nine brands, and also includes an “Other Brands” button that lists seven designer names. So, I think it is only safe to say that this company sells a pretty decent number of very expensive purse brands, managing to offer only the most popular bag names on the planet. Here you will find the much sought-after purses from Hermes, Balenciaga, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Bulgari.

What I like the most about this site is the fact that it has an advanced filter that helps you sort the products by collection, price and color. This function improves the overall usability of the online store as it helps you find the desired models in a shorter time frame.

Depending on the brand, materials, design and size of the purses, the prices vary from $70 to $400. Usually, the less expensive models are the wallets or clutches that cost less than $99 while the most popular and larger bags cost over $250. Regardless of your budget, you will find here beautiful and luxurious replica purses that will style up your outfits. proudly states that it provides a Zero Risk – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This implies that if you are not happy with your order then you can return it within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Used products cannot be returned for a refund, unless these present a manufacturing defect.

The description page is very poorly made. It does not include any relevant information about the materials, design or particularities of these replica bags. It only says some general and random things about these products, things like “1:1 mirror quality”, ?Made of top quality genuine leather, imported anti-rust hardware” or ?Balenciaga with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description.” does not say a single word about the payment methods it is able to process. I have searched the entire website and I wasn’t able to find anything about this. Only after checking out of the Shopping Cart, I saw the five options for Visa; Visa and Mastercard; Visa, Mastercard, JCB and AMEX; Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Transfer. I have tried selecting the one for Amex, but it gave me an error as the payment processing page failed to load twice. The other options worked without problems and I was also very surprised to discover that indeed, this company is able to process Mastercard payments as well.

The same thing goes for the shipping policy; there is no information available on the whole website about what are the shipping carriers it uses, the estimated delivery time or the shipping fees. It is very unprofessional for any online company to not present the details of its delivery policy. When trying to submit an order, I was able to confirm that the delivery by EMS is $25 and the delivery by DHL, FEDEX or TNT is $49. Before placing a purchase you can select if you want the less expensive, but slower delivery method or the costly, but faster one.

Unfortunately, it does not say anything about a repairs warranty, about what will happen if your purse breaks after the first 14 days. From my experience, the safest thing to do is to purchase a replica from a company that also has a 6 months repairs policy. has very good pictures for all of its replica purses. All the products have the same style of photos, from the same angles, same lightning, same background and clarity. You can tell that these images were all taken in its own studio and that these represent the actual fake products you will be getting when purchasing from this online store. The images do not have any watermark on them, and this seems a little bit odd as all Internet shops protect their own photos by watermarking them.

On the bottom of the page there is a considerable large button that says “Customer service 24/7”. Normally, this statement was enough to make me curious so I clicked the live chat button. Here I selected the Customer Service department, typed in my question and clicked on Chat. Sally answered, and she was very friendly. Her English was fine and she politely answered to all of my obnoxious questions. She also told me that the customer service isn’t opened 24/7. Their business hours are 6 AM-12 PM, EST time. The customer service, just like the whole company, is based in China and they can be reached by phone or by email at [email?protected] I’m not that excited about their unprofessional gmail account, but from my point of view, as long as the chat service is easy to reach I am more relaxed about the liability and trustworthiness off a replica company. is an online replica handbags store that carries a wide collection of luxury designer purses at very decent prices. The key qualities of this merchant are its excellent and responsive customer service, very clear and detailed product pictures, the 14 days no questions asked return policy and the very easy to use website. On the other hand, the negative sides of its business cannot be ignored: it does not say anything on its whole site about its payment policy, about the delivery conditions or about its repairs warranty. So before ordering from this site, stop for a minute to think about its good and bad sides, get in touch with the customer service and make sure they are able to fulfill all your satisfaction requirements.

If U need anyhelp Please contact me via

If you are looking for gorgeous ad affordable replica bags, faithful copies of purses freshly launched on the world’s most famous catwalks then you may probably want to check out Is it a trusted fake handbags company? Keep reading this review to find out! is a replica website with such a simple and nice design! It has a black and grayish color scheme, retro-chic large sliding promotional banners, a few sponsored fake luxury bags and a basic top menu bar. It is a very user friendly online store that invites all fashion passionate women to indulge their lust for exquisite designer purses.

So what shall it be, gals? Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Prada or Fendi? If these are not your top favorite brands then do not despair! This merchant has many other brands available. Just click on one of the top menu buttons and a long left side list will be displayed showing all the much sought after designers of high end handbags. Of course, the possibilities are endless as each category reveals hundreds of best-selling models, models that have conquered the appreciation of countless fashionistas.

After you select one of the brand categories, you will see all of its available collections. Indeed, this very thorough segregation of the replica handbags offered for each designer makes it a lot easier for us to find our dream purse, but it still is incredibly complicated to browse some sub-categories such as the LV Monogram Canvas. This inconvenience could be very easily resolved by including an advanced search or a filter to enhance the functionality of the website.

The replica bags carried by are for all type of budgets. From the most affordable fake Hermes purses at 100 GBP to the more pricey Prada handbags at 400 GBP. Depending on the amount you are willing to spend and on the quality you are looking to buy, here you will surely find a knockoff able to meet both your desired price and degree of authenticity.

The company ships packages all over the world and they do it for free! is able to ensure a no cost delivery for all of its orders by using the following International carriers: EMS, DHL, FEDEX or UPS. Usually, packages take about two business days to be ready for dispatch and once these are sent out, the tracking numbers are sent to the customers by email. The estimated delivery time depends on the destination country. For example, replicas shipped to Europe take about 3-5 business days to arrive while replicas shipped to South America take 4-7 business days. Good news! There is also a lost package policy. This implies that if your package isn’t delivered in four weeks then a new one will be reshipped free of charge.

Funny thing about the return policy: it states that it provides a 180 repairs warranty that covers any manufacturing defects and that it does not cover water damages. Because of this we are strongly recommended to not swim, dive or surf while we have the bags on. Seriously? I wonder, who would ever swim, dive or surf with a Hermes Birkin on her hand? That’s just ridiculous! On a more serious note: if you wish to return the purse for a refund or exchange then you can do this within the first 14 days from the delivery.

Unfortunately the domain name of this website does not match with the “name-logo” displayed on the top of the page: I really do not know why this is, but it does not inspire me any confidence. is a website that has been shut down. Still, if is its new domain then why did they not just change the “name-logo” to prevent such concerns from potential customers?

The description page isn’t that good. The first thing that strikes you is its deficient English language. Next there is the fact that it does not supply any relevant information about the key characteristics of these fake?bags. It only mentions things like gender, materials, handles and that it comes with IDs. It does not say anything about the hardware, logos, serial numbers, inside pockets, lining or tags.

If by any chance you too have noticed the payment logos from the bottom of the page showing Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Delta and American Express then don’t get your hopes up! That’s not entirely true. Not all these payment options are supported, but only Visa and Mastercard. The really bad part is that you find this out only after entering all your delivery details. Only after spending a considerable large amount of time browsing and choosing from their wide collection you are informed that their options are that limited!

Please note that all the costs involved with sending back the merchandise are paid by the customer and that there is a $20-$40 restocking fee that will be applied to all refunds or exchanges.

Indeed, the pictures may be very clear, detailed and well made, but these fail incredibly in convincing us that they represent the replica bags carried and delivered by All the photos are watermarked with the name So which is it?, or Which one is the real identity of this company and how could we ever believe that what we see in the images is what we will get?

Another huge disappointment from this company is its customer service, if we can call it customer service. There is a Live Chat button on the webpage, but relax! It doesn’t do a thing. It’s just a pretty decoration meant to make the website look nicer. When you actually click on it, it takes you to the Contact Us page. There, you are informed that the customer service is available 24/7, it mentions that you can contact them by email, but no email address is supplied. Only a Contact Form is included. No other communication channel is available.

There are certainly no UK replica bags at this online store. Even if it may seem like a nice website with a wide collection of beautiful replica bags at very decent prices, is nothing else but an unreliable merchant that deceives customers with its multiple identities, false- supported payment methods, costly return policy, unreliable product pictures, and unprofessional customer service.

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